Monday, August 8, 2011

The Keeping Kind

Really?  You're cliche'd enough to drunk text me a long overdue apology at midnight?
Just man up, godDAMN it. It wasn't enough to break my heart once, I suppose.  I hope the second time was more satisfying for you.  God help me, there will not be a third.
A drunk text.  You cruel a-hole.  How dare you do that to me?  How DARE you.  I would never use old secrets against you--but you?  Knowing everything you know about me and my oldest hurts, you freaking DRUNK TEXT me?   I pray you wakeup with a hangover tomorrow and that somewhere between the Asprin and the bathroom blink, and realize what you did to me tonight.  You know, for all of your bluster and bullshit about dreams and getting away, you belong in this sh-thole and that's why you'll never leave it.  You're a coward.  I guess you still have it in you to surprise me.
You're g-ddamn right I'm the keeping kind. 
Don't you dare think you're somehow being noble with that bullcrap. 
And I swear to all things holy if I run into you somewhere again, I will cause a scene the like you only READ about.

You epic douchebag.

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